Best Online Casino Games for Strategy

After a person plays online casino games to make money for a period of time, the entertainment value of the games wears off and many players begin to look for games with higher payouts. Many players have no idea they’re doing this or seeking the higher risk games but when the money starts to out-weigh how fun it is, many players stop spinning the wheels on the online slots and start looking for games that actually teach and require strategy as these games have far higher purses and bigger payouts.

No one says that a person can’t make money playing slots as someone ash to hit the ever-growing, and rarely won, Jackpots. However, for games with a real ‘win’ feel, slots just don’t offer a big enough challenge or require enough real ‘thought’ to count. Honestly, how much thought does pulling a lever, cyber-wise or real life, require? Compared to other online casino games, slots are just very boring.

Slots require very little strategy as many casinos offer No-deposit casino bonuses and the player starts pulling the handle to try to spin their way to a bounteous victory. Most no deposit casino bonuses have a ‘slots only’ wagering requirement with the free credits provided making it relatively worth the player’s time to try. One that bonus is gone, however, the serious player needs to get down to serious gaming and start running real risks.

Online Casino Games
Games that have this higher risk and payout, and often include strategy and the best online casino games that have both of these elements include Poker, Roulette, Baccarat and Blackjack.

When playing blackjack online, the game often offers a player a strategy guide, just as in real life. This one simple card will tell a novice player how to react in every hand. The chart on this little card acts as a cheat sheet of sorts and tells the player the best actions to give a probable win in the player’s exact hand and the card the dealer is showing.

It is a known fact that there are multiple ways to play blackjack- Vegas Strip rules, Atlantic City rules, games with side-bets and progressive jackpots and many other variations. If a player looks around on the internet, they can find interchangeable rules to give the best online casino game strategy for Blackjack Variation. The most highly recommended blackjack casino games online are the ones with the least number of decks, a 2 to 1 payout, and no soft 17 rule.

Video Poker is another of the best online casino games that involves strategy. Much like Blackjack, there are strategy charts that guide the player through every hand and give the best Chances o increase the player’s odds of winning depending on the variant being played. It is the nature of gambling, however, that the odds are always on the house so a player needs a solid strategy to win.

According to fans of the ‘Martingale Betting System’, the other two games good for strategy and strategic betting in online casino games are Baccarat and Roulette. The idea in this system is to place a bet of one unit on a1-to-1 payout, that is red or black, high or low and odd or even in Roulette and player or banker in baccarat, and every time the player loses, they double the bet amount and when the player wins, they profit by one, always, and then start again with the one unit bet. The chances of the player losing eight bets in a row however, is miniscule but if you do lose, you lose a good deal of money.

The longer a person plays, however, the more likely the system is to fail so it is advised players stick with blackjack and poker and take advantage of the no deposit casino bonuses when they come along as a bet where it’s not the player’s own money on the line is the best option of all.

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