Switch Your Emotions When Gambling Or Playing Poker

If you’re an expert with playing online poker or either gambling or just started losing a lot of games recently then one thing that you should think about doing is switching your emotions. Many people know that they need to have a certain kind of face when they are playing poker so it doesn’t give away what they have. However, sometimes it’s good to trick them and more so when you’re playing with friends or either other experts.

When you have a deck of cards and you know you’re losing, try and act like you’re winning. Be confident and learn how to bluff in poker. Try to avoid acting the way you might have in the past and do something different. I wouldn’t do this with friends at first but try it out with strangers until you see what you like best. If you have never smiled before in a game when you’re losing, then go ahead and smile.  Make them think that you’re winning and you might actually win because of the confident attitude that you have when playing.

Another idea when gambling is to change the way you dress and the usual colors that you wear. Buy a brand new outfit and go in looking confident. This is going to make people nervous before you even start playing the game.

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